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We're about playin' fast, loud, sexy, trashy down and dirty punk and roll!

We've had some kickass players in this band and the current lineup is no exception. We've all been around the block and back so this shit ain't about jumpin' on some trendy bandwagon. If you like it fierce and fearless, check it out...

Chelsea Rose-Vocals

Krazy Keith- Guitar

Eric Borst- Drums

Jonny Trenchcoat- Bass 

Influences Dead Boys and Stiv in general. Sleepless nights, Ramones, Life in the fast lane, IGGY, smoky bars and clubs, New York Dolls, Heartbreakers, Thunders, Broken hearts but not dreams, The Cramps, The Fab Mab, CBGB [RIP], Russ Meyer, John Waters, W.O.W.[RIP], Livin' in the Mission S.F., Hotrods, Goin' fast and livin' hard, Bukowski, Jim Carroll, New York City, Patti Smith, Amsterdam, Goin' over the edge and livin' to tell..., Blondie and DEBBIE Harry, strip clubs, Velvet Underground all the other usual suspects, and everybody who's gone after what they want with a vengeance and lust for you know what!


Sounds Like Raw Power!

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